Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm just too lazy to update my blog .

Will be right back :p

Going for undang on tomorrow morning . *finally!*

Friday, February 26, 2010

dreams come true

Hey peeps ♥ ,

Sigh . Recently , I get emo easily . I don't know the reason also . PMS ? Don't think so . I'm trying to control my mood . But when I've nothing to do , I'll get emo again . I guess I'm having mood swing . I can be hyper and emo at the same time . I'm not trying to get attention here , I'm just , I wish there will be someone who willing to hear my story . That's it . One is enough ?

I need more people to hang out with me often :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hey peeps ♥ ,

It was a bored day today . Woke up at 12 in the afternoon . I know it was late cause I slept at around 4 am last night . Darn , I have dark circles already @_@ I made myself a plate of carbonara spaghetti and it was really delicious kay? :p Better than the one that I cooked when I was in form 2 or 3 .

I was thinking , the ''wannabe'' . Sometimes I really don't understand , why people want to become or pretend to somebody else ? Why can't they just be original ? Darn weird . Are they like trying to get attention from the others ? If you're trying to be a bitch but you're not qualified then just stop and be yourself lah . ISH .

how low , low how

Didn't meet her for ages and finally I get to go out with her today . Have our brunch @ some Thai restaurant , I forgot the name , LOL . Oh , I love my tom yam mee hoon :)

Walked around Pavillion , wanted to get a beanie and ring for mua . So we headed to Forever 21 . I like the beanie very much , it costs RM 25 only . So cheap weyh ! Normal shop selling for about RM 40 , darn it . So expensive .

Next , Starbucks :) We ordered green tea frappucino + chocolate chips with cream on top . Pro uh ? :p

I couldn't stand the weather , the sun omg darn hot . I was sweating like mad . -_- Nicole wanted to take the lala machince picture so much so we went to Sg.Wang to take those lala pictures .

Left : 2010 , Right : 2008

And finally I'm home ! Ok , I'm tired .

Signing off ,


i can hear your voice through the ocean

Hwang Chan Sung ♥

Monday, February 22, 2010

lovesss (:

More pictures in Carmen's cameraa (:


Two is better than one ♥

with BAC (:

It was on Friday (:

The B.A.C-ian (May Ling , Fion , Nicholas , Melissa , Sing Ying , sorry IDK how to spell your name , heh) came to my place . Had lunch with them @ the korean restaurant near my house area . Then , to Teik Chi's house and his dog is so cutee lor !

Love your curls lah girl (:

Cuteee right ? ;)