Monday, January 18, 2010

let me say oh oh

I miss high school life ;)

Friday, January 15, 2010

bad dreams , huge legs

Morning people ♥ .

I was so tired few days ago , have decided to stay at home for one more day before start working . I've found a part time job in KL but it's only for weekends . Atleast I have 5 days to do my own stuff . After SPM , I got nothing much to do . I did common stuff that usually the students will do which is eat , sleep , online , shopping and so on . And I ended up gained weight -.-

Maybe other people might think I look normal or I look skinny . But I think I'm fat compared to last time . Cause noone says that I'm fat when I'm fat so I continue eating as much as I can at home . I can't accept the fact that I'm fat o.o

My legs , omg is like bigger than last time . I don't know whether is the angle effects or what . I got a comment saying that I'm fat in this picture ( my profile picture - facebook ) . *sobs* and I was like '' YALAAA I KNOW IM FAT '' . Pfft !

Well , atleast I didn't edit or photoshop my body figure right ? ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

coffee bean

I need a cup mocha frappucino with chocolate chips and cream on top (:

scream out loud

It was Wednesday :D Woke up in the morning , then headed to Nicole's place . Picked her then to Brickfields Asia College at KL Central . Before that , had our breakfast at Old Town Cafe . After finished everything , we went into the college and asked about studies , courses and everything . Around 12 plus , it was the students break time . Had lunch with sister's buddies , Ling , May Ling , Teik Chi , Nicholas and another indian dude , *sorry I don't know your name* LOL and Fion ! Where were you la ?! . After lunch , the buddies went back to college and then went Mid Valley with Nicole .

Ok , we were walking . Suddenly Nicole wanted to get her ear pierced . So we went to the piercing shop .

Next . Shopping :)

Ok , this is damn lala xD

Tea time , San Francisco .
Mocha ♥

Love the pink skirt (:

Met up with ze sister and Teik Chi in Mid Valley . Makaned at some thai restaurant . Chit chat for a while and then all of us went our own way .

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i just wanna know what's in your mind

Webcam-ed with Nicole since we have nothing to catch up today . Our sakai look damn funny xD

Monday, January 11, 2010

i don't give damn , i don't give a shit

Avril Lavigne's songs rock to the max :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

be my fairytale

It was Mahathir's farewell outing . Again , I was the weird one cause I was the oldest among all . I was late cause the sister and I couldn't find a parking . OH , actually we found one . But there was a bald indian lady took our parking . We were so mad but we found another parking after that . Met up with Carmen , Xiu Ming and her friend at Asian Avenue . Then bought my favourite cappucino pearl drink . Walked around then camwhore at Starbucks :)

Headed to Naeb , as usual the guys went for shisha and I kinda stone there , talked a lot with Carmen and camwhored . HAHAHA .

Toilet break with the girls :D

After a while , the girls and Ming's friend went for a walked and left the guys at Naeb . Later on , the guys followed Mahathir home to prepare the BBQ stuff .

My fringe was damn oily and annoying . So I clipped it up .

Aaaww :)

While taking pictures , I realised that sister was standing at a side waiting for me . After that , I went home and the girls went to Mahathir's BBQ party . I knew it was fun there . I wanted to go but it was too late to let my parents know . So , yeah .