Wednesday, March 31, 2010

kara - lupin

Don't understand why they ( guys ) love hurting weak people like the girls ? Is like so unfair . Both are humans they have legs , eyes , nose and everything just that they're different gender . The guys can just flirt with any girls around them without any rumours or backstabbing . But the girls , if they flirt around with guys , then people will talk bad about them . Sometimes I do think whether guys have feelings or not ? They can actually change someone's attitude tho .

Big shout out to CARMEN !

No matter what is going to happen in the future , stay strong . Think the positive way and don't cry anymore ok ? You promised me ! And remember , you're not alone .


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

do whatever you want , because i don't care

As usual , went out with Nicole a.k.a my shopping partner . There's a reason why named her as my shopping partner :D We were @ Mid Valley at first , but we've nothing much to do there so we took a cab to Sunway :)

Had our lunch @ Full House . Gosh , I miss the Dory fish . After lunch , what else can we do besides shopping ? Heh .

ps to Nicole : I realised t that we went shopping EVERY WEEK !

I've a new piercing ;p

Monday, March 29, 2010

BOO ! I need a new phone .

you deserve it

People come once in a month but I come twice in this month . Fuckshit .

Hey peeps ,

I don't update much recently in this blog . Well , it's because I've nothing much to write here and I'm too lazy . But now suddenly I feelso energetic to type something here . ROFL ! I'm definately against my parents decision which they want me to study the course that I hate the most in the country that I adore , Singapore . Next , my choice is to study ADP in Management . In case if the college in Singapore rejects me , I'll study the one I want . Pray as hard as I can .

Loves , xoxo

Sunday, March 28, 2010

take it off , turn me on

Coming soon :)

xx .


For more pictures , please visit my facebook :D


Saturday, March 27, 2010

random is fun

Nicole says:
Hey!! Hows things going?

- cynthiaquah ♥ - says:
just came back from genitng

Nicole says:
me too men

- cynthiaquah ♥ - says:
ohh what time you reached kl ??? XD

Nicole says:
We should have met
Aiyooo then can sit rides togwther
Just only

- cynthiaquah ♥ - says:

Nicole says:
Hahaha you?

- cynthiaquah ♥ - says:
you went with whoo ?

Nicole says:
Aiyaaa dont wanna tell you
Later u jealous

- cynthiaquah ♥ - says:
you wanna know i went with who? kekeke
fine la dont wanna tell me D:

Nicole says:
Start with J

- cynthiaquah ♥ - says:
justin timberlake ah??

Nicole says:
No laaa that one busy

- cynthiaquah ♥ - says:
then who wor ? HAHAHAHAH

Nicole says:
Went woth *********

- cynthiaquah ♥ - says:
ohhhh ! cheh
you wanna know i went with who??

Nicole says:

- cynthiaquah ♥ - says:
wu chun
that one balik mekah already

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kelly Clarkson - Don't let me stop you ♥♥

make it a better place

I do feel kinda frustrating over the same things again and again . I guess I need a space to release my pressure . Beach is the best place for me to get over stuff easily . The sound of the ocean , the sand on the beach and the sky there , urrgghh damn nicee !

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

don't let me stop you

I used to be a little bit shy , I kept my deepest feelings inside . Speaking up to you about my emotions has always been hard . But this just can't wait , tonight I feel a bit brave . So I won't let one more day pass without you explaining what we are .

This is gonna sound kind of silly but I couldn't help but notice the last time you kissed me , you kept both eyes opened . Baby can you tell me what does that mean? If you're looking over your shoulder , then you don't need to be with me and I don't need to hold on .

Don't let me stop you
From doing what you want to do
You don't wanna stick, trust me it's cool
Take no chance get over you
No no, don't let me stop you
If you wanna leave baby you can leave
Just don't pretend that you're into me
If it ain't true, no
Don't let me stop you

watashiii , :D


wtfbbqporkbbqchickenbbqbeefbbqfishbbqyouuuuu !

I feel like wanna screw you 9999 times lar .


Monday, March 22, 2010

don't let me stop you

Went to Sunway Pyramid with Je Yue . Had lunch at Kim Gary then later on his buddy , Dalton Kay joined us . Unique surname , lol . Walked around the mall then later before Je Yue changed his mind , went to AC or some whatever shit I forgot the name of the place :D

I was out of my mind about pool , I can't even hold the stick stable-ly -.- and IDK how to shoot the ball properly , thanks to my sifuu after training I did better (:

LOL ! Poser sial .

So adorablee , lol .

Oh , lastly Happy Birthday to the guy above (:

back to our homee

Reminds me of our high school life . After school lepak-ed @ Pavillion :) and now we're back to the same place again , heh .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life devoted to pleasure.

greentea is loveeee :D

Monday, March 15, 2010


Can't you understand what I need is what I want .

Friday, March 12, 2010

break it down , bring it down

Frustrating D:

gave up on you

Hey peeps ♥ ,

It's 2.50 a.m now but surprisingly I'm sleeping yet cause I'm not sleepy . I took my SPM exam slip this morning . Before I got it , I was so nervous and I shivered like mad . I wished there were someone for me to hug on , lol . Received lotsa calls and sms from the friends and family today . Everyone wanna know my results and I told them -.- Even though my results ain't good enough but I'm kinda satisfy with it . Well , I can't change the fact right ?

Monday, March 8, 2010

ohh yeaaahh

GAH , I'm jealous !

Friday, March 5, 2010


ps ; He's my favourite basist , Lee Jung-Shin ♥

friday saturday .. everyday

Hey peeps , the reason why I look so lan ci is because

I have a stupid huge pimple *ouch*

I need something to cure the pimple ♥

dari diri dara duu ~


Hellooo 7 A.M. (:

i'm a loner

- cyитнιа qύан ♥. - says:

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*i hate add maths

- cyитнιа qύан ♥. - says:
*i hate minus maths

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*divide maths la you

- cyитнιа qύан ♥. - says:
*times maths *xD

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*times your kepala

- cyитнιа qύан ♥. - says:
*times how many?
*i dont wanna look like alien

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*5 la

- cyитнιа qύан ♥. - says:

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*what !

Thursday, March 4, 2010

hey mister !

Jung Shin from CNBLUE ! ♥

*tsk tsk tsk!* Why laa you so perasan [wannabe] ?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ze:a !

Looking for a 3 days 2 nights trip with friends (: