Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the best you never had

Cynthia Quah Yan Zhuang, you need to stop eating!
Please tell me this whenever you people see me eating.

I've been eating a lot nowadays. I realise that my cheek gone chubby and my weight increase to another kilogramme. The chips and desserts are too addictive. Trying to control myself and it failed :(

Sunday, September 27, 2009

harsh consequences

  • Back to school.
  • Stupid assembly on tomorrow morning.


A day out with Mahathir. His friend last minute ffk him so left both of us. Went to the cinema, bought tickets for the movie I forgot what movie, HAHAHA! While waiting for the movie to start, headed to BK to had his breakfast / lunch. After that walked around like a homeless person, HAHAHA! Called Suet Teng to tag along but she couldn't make it. Texted didi Marcus to join us and he said he couldn't make it also. But he made it last minute -.-

Surfing the net.


Dreaming :p

Didi took out his toy gun. HAHA!

Thinking of Sarah :D

ps : I wish Sarah were there to shut Marcus mouth up =.=

you will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:

- cyитнιа ♥ - моѕcнιио cоuтuяе. says:
*eh have you try the mee goreng har mee?

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:

- cyитнιа ♥ - моѕcнιио cоuтuяе. says:
*i tried once only. forgot the taste

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*you damn weird .
*i like mee goreng
*the IBUMIE one

- cyитнιа ♥ - моѕcнιио cоuтuяе. says:
*it was last year! ahahahaha. i like vits mee goreng pedas
*eh! i like that one also
*but very salty

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*you ask you put so much the sos
*but a little enough la .
*pedas not good la

- cyитнιа ♥ - моѕcнιио cоuтuяе. says:
*i like to put everything XD

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*you know they got provide the bawang thingi
*it's damn yummy !

- cyитнιа ♥ - моѕcнιио cоuтuяе. says:
*where got? that one is mi sedap

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*ya meh
*mi sedap and ibumie taste the same right

- cyитнιа ♥ - моѕcнιио cоuтuяе. says:
*ahaha! im hungry already woi!

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*me also
*i want har mee

- cyитнιа ♥ - моѕcнιио cоuтuяе. says:
*i want ......
*i wish there's ayahmie

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*anakmie la

- cyитнιа ♥ - моѕcнιио cоuтuяе. says:
*cucumie :D

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*after cucu is what?
*cicitmie ar

- cyитнιа ♥ - моѕcнιио cоuтuяе. says:

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*i so hungry

- cyитнιа ♥ - моѕcнιио cоuтuяе. says:
*samee! your fault! what mie mee!

* -CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*har mee !

I knew you were sad. Before I read your bitch post, I already knew there's something happened on you. I think I really can read your mind, LOL! No matter what, I'll try my best to comfort you. What I've told you, I wish it helps you. Don't always be negative lar, think positive! I know it might hurts you a lot, but try to forget about it kay? ♥

Friday, September 25, 2009

no one has ever become poor by giving

Hey ♥

I've been thinking of something recently. About my future and the coming major exam, which is SPM. Family started to ask me about preparation for the coming exam. I feel stressful cause I didn't prepare anything for the coming exam yet. What's on my mind?

Cousins staying at my house for a week. He's darn annoying. He talks a lot everyday and ask lots of stupid question and the worst thing is, he talks to himself. K, breathe ~

New house is currently under renovation, mummy asked to design my own room.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

straight through my heart

He's pissing me off. Grr!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

vision is the art of seeing the invisible

Pavillion > Starhill > Home.

It was Nicole's birthday celebration. Walked around in Pavillion and then to the cinema to watch Final Destination 4.

Had our dinner in Micheangelo with Izyan. She's back from Pakistan and bumped into Jehan.

Shopped @ Roxy , Cotton On , NOSE

Desserts @ GODIVA